Love Has Seven Colors: Heart-Centered Practices for the Energy Centers



A guide to restoring your connection to the wisdom of your soul and returning to heart-centeredness

• Explains how unconditional love allows the 7 main energy centers to create the human rainbow

• Describes how each energy center processes life and reflects physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

• Includes 29 breathing, relaxation, meditation, and visualization exercises to reconnect with the heart center and access soul guidance

Each of us has a light body connecting the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels of our being. When we live in a heart-centered way and choose love as the basis for our actions rather than fear, each of the 7 energy centers of the light body opens to the wisdom of our souls and radiates with a different color, making us walking rainbows of unconditional love and soul guidance.

Presenting the Inner Circle Teachings on heart-centeredness from the ancient mystery schools, Jack Angelo explains how unconditional love positively affects our subtle energy system and allows our 7 energy centers to form the full rainbow of connection between our hearts, minds, and souls. Describing the location and color of each energy center and the ways they can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, he shows how the 7 energy centers control the flow of energy to and from the multiple levels of our being and process the energies generated by specific life issues.

Providing 29 breathing, relaxation, meditation, and visualization exercises, the author explores how to open each energy center to the intelligence of the heart and retrain the mind to approach life with love instead of fear. He explains the role of the heart center in healing and how to balance the masculine intelligence of the mind with the feminine intelligence of the heart. Once the energies of these two polarities are balanced, we become truly heart-centered, radiating the 7 colors of love and following the wisdom of our soul to discover the spiritual reality of our sacred self.

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