John GrubeJohn Grube is the founder and CTO of
With many years experience as a Senior Web Developer, he has worked for large companies like Kaiser Permanente and Experian, and small companies down to individual web clients. On the commute to work he has listened to self-help books on tape in a quest for knowledge. Having made some bad relationship choices he has a goal of helping others determine if they are compatible with other people. He has worked for and has had the idea to create a website business himself. Using Facebook he saw that there are a lot of viral quizzes that get passed around. While the quizzes are somewhat entertaining, the results of the quizzes were rather trivial. He decided that to create fun quizzes that had some value to others to learn about themselves and others would be a worthy endeavor. Thus Quizmates was formed. The purpose of the website was to keep the fun interactive style of quizzes and combine them with some self-help advice and help people to learn about compatibility and share these results with others.

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