Careers is looking for Qualified team members to help develop this website.

Content Writer – Write articles for this site in a self-help kind of style. Must have a background in psychology or dating. Must show some writing samples to see if your style matches the site. We have results of the quizzes and I would like you to be able to give some knowledgeable results about a variety of dating and psychological subjects and how people can use the results of the quizzes for self-growth and to help relate to other people better and find compatibility. This is a consulting position and will pay a negotiated rate for quality articles posted to the site. Knowledge of how to write articles for SEO organic traffic keyword terms is desirable.

Internet Marketing Guru – Help promote this site through the use of advertising campaigns and efforts to make the site more sociably shareable in an effort to make the site go viral. Must know analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media. This is a consulting position and will pay a negotiated hourly rate for work done towards promoting the site.

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The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do
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