Anger Management Essentials: A Workbook for People to Manage their Aggression

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Anger Management Essentials is a workbook to help people with anger issues to manage their aggressive behavior. While anger is a normal emotion, aggressive behavior is what we really want to manage since it is often emotionally or physically harmful. Why do we call it an anger management program and not aggressive management? We do so because people know to look for anger management – since the phrase has become widely recognized in our culture. Though the material in this book is best used with a certified anger management counselor, most of the worksheets are self-explanatory, and thus could be used as a self-help workbook. Many people have the misperception that an anger management program is for very angry people – ones who punch holes through walls or break items, and get into fits of rage. What may come as a surprise, however, is that anger management is helpful for many people, since we all experience moments of irritability and frustration. Additionally, anger management includes effective communication and active listening skills, both which can be used in every day life. The author, Anita Avedian, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, had a vision to design an anger management program that could be customized for every reader, focusing primarily on the areas where improvement in dealing with anger is most needed. Ms. Avedian is an authorized trainer and supervisor with the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). She has been facilitating anger management groups and individual sessions for over 15 years. Having worked with court-ordered, probation-required, partner-recommended, work-required, and self-referred individuals, she has designed a program that is helpful in these varied situations. Most anger management programs are designed to last 26 weeks, however this book provides ample tools and skills to be structured into a course up to 52 weeks long, consistent with some court orders. The content can be personalized to suit your individual needs. The workbook covers areas that both directly and indirectly impact one’s anger. Stress Management, for example, is a key focus since the more stressors one has, the more likely one is to become angry. Another area covered in the workbook is Emotional Intelligence, due to the high correlation between lower emotional intelligence levels and a greater number of angry episodes. Other topics include Communication and Listening Skills, Developing Healthy Relationships and Boundaries, as well as Letting Go and Forgiveness. Anger Management Essentials is for those interested in managing aggressive behavior, and living a more fulfilling and peaceful life.


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