welcomeWelcome to QuizMates


QuizMates.com is a website that combines the art of taking quizzes and learning about yourself with the ability to get to know others as you share and compare your results with them for fun or for dating. We do this in four steps:

  1. Take quizzes on your personality and interests and learn about yourself. There will be a fun result to share on social media or with others and a valuable analysis of the results by a trained psychologist that will give you insight into being the best version of yourself.
  2. Invite other people to take quizzes about their personality and interests. Choose what information you wish to share with them. Share a fun result or a more detailed comparison. Find out their relationship goals and see if there is a match.
  3. Continue taking quizzes to see if there are shared interests and unlock a chat feature and take it from there if you want to meet in person.
  4. Sign up for an email list to be notified of new quizzes.

Is this a dating site? The answer is that this site is much more than that. The first step is to learn a little about yourself and the kind of people you would be compatible with. Next step is to compare with others. You could already be in a committed relationship and want to learn more about how to get the most out of that relationship. You could ask your Facebook friends to take the test for the fun of it. Or you can use this site to meet new people and go on dates. So the answer is that this is much more than a dating site.



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