Should you be Roommates?

If you have roommates or plan to have roommates, have you wondered if you are compatible? Have you wondered if you could have a way to screen potential roommates on more than their credit score? If you already have roommates, do you ever wonder what you can do to get along better? What if one of you is more neat than the other; wouldn’t you like to know how to handle a situation of one roommate always nagging the other to pick up after themselves.

Then take this quiz.

1.Do they have a good credit score?
2.Do they have good references?
3.Have you known them for a length of time?
4.Have you loaned them money and have they paid it back?
5.Can they afford a deposit?
6.Is their home and office free from clutter?
7.Do they arrive at appointments on time?
8.Do they have plans to stay for the length of the lease?
9.Do they have a romantic partner and plan to have sleepovers?
10.Do you have shared activities?
11.Are they a drinker?
12.Do they plan to drink at home?
13.Are they a smoker?
14.Do they smoke pot?
15.Do they plan to have parties at home?
16.Are they still friends with old roommates?
17.Are they a night owl or morning person?
18.Do they have pets?
19.Do they cook? Do you cook?

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