Are you in Love or do you have a Crush?

Do you have romantic feelings for someone special? Love is a state that can bring a complex mix of emotions and feelings.  According to University of Maryland psychologist Sandra Langeslag, romantic love equals a mixture of infatuation and attachment. Infatuation is that heady feeling you experience when you’re in the throes of a crush. The attachment piece refers to the desire to bond with another creature, whether it’s a romantic partner, a favorite pet, or your favorite relative.

Are your feelings of infatuation or attachment? Are you in love or do you have a crush?

Take this test to find out

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Answer the questions below. Click on the radio button that most matches the answer to the quesion. There are no right or wrong answers.

1.I stare into the distance when I think of ________.
2.I feel that I can count on __________.
3.I get shaky knees when I am near ____________.
4.I am prepared to share my possessions with ____________.
5.I would feel lonely without ______________.
6.My feelings for ____________ reduce my appetite.
7.My thoughts about ____________ make it difficult for me to concentrate on something else.
8.____________ is the one for me.
9.I am afraid that I will say something wrong when I talk to ___________.
10.____________ knows everything about me.
11.I hope my feelings for __________ will never end.
12.I get clammy hands when I am near __________.
13.I feel emotionally connected to ____________.
14.I become tense when I am close to ____________.
15.___________ can reassure me when I am upset.
16.I have a hard time sleeping because I am thinking of ___________.
17.I search for alternate meanings of ____________’s words.
18.____________ is the person who can make me happiest.
19.____________ is a part of my plans for the future.
20.I am shy in the presence of _____________.

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