Do You have Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety makes it hard for you to interact with people in certain situations. It is hard to speak to people or act in certain ways when you have anxiety of thinking that other people will judge you on the words you speak or the actions you take. Most people have some anxiety when in a public speaking situation. Yet, it affects some people more than others. How do you measure on the social anxiety scale?
Take this test to find out.

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Answer the questions below. Click on the radio button that most matches the answer to the quesion. There are no right or wrong answers.


1.Saying hello to a stranger
2.Giving a brief talk in front of six other people
3.Having your friends and family sing “Happy Birthday” to you
4.Having a general conversation with someone who cares about you
5.Dancing in a dimly-lit nightclub
6.Talking to other students before your history class begins
7.The professor calls on you and asks you questions during your algebra class in front of the whole room
8.Talking to a friend during lunchtime
9.Saying something small when there’s a lull in the conversation
10.Interrupting someone else to say something during a conversation
11.Saying “Good morning” to a person you categorize as an authority figure
12.Carrying on a ten minute conversation with an authority figure
13.Answering your phone without looking at who’s calling
14.Making calls to strangers from your cubicle at work when others in the room can hear everything you say
15.Making calls to strangers from the privacy of your own room (when no one else is listening)
16.Accidentally dropping your food tray at a busy food court in a shopping mall
17.Walking around your block
18.Driving by yourself
19.Driving with three other people in the car with you
20.Going out to a movie with a co-worker you don’t know well
21.Giving a presentation to your work team or to a group in school
22.Walking down the aisle during your own marriage
23.Telling your neighbors that their party was too loud last night and you would like them to be quieter
24.Working as a cashier in a busy grocery store
25.Going to a job interview and being interviewed by several people
26.Singing at a karaoke bar while sober
27.Reading out loud from a book in your history class
28.Hosting a small party with only friends
29.Shopping for something at a public place alone
30.Asking a salesperson for help at any public store

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