Are you Tantric?

tantraTantra is a way to bring the sacred into the bedroom by being present to feelings and emotions, by communicating your desires, and honoring your partner. It is a lovemaking style that is longer, more intense, and more connected. Is that the way you make love or something you want to aspire to? Then take this quiz!

How Tantric are you?

Take the quiz to find out.

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Answer the questions below. Click on the radio button that most matches the answer to the quesion. There are no right or wrong answers.

1.I am in awe at the beauty of nature.
2.I can smell the natural scent (not body odor) of my partner.
3.I wear clothes that express my sexuality.
4.I enjoy giving myself sensuous baths or self-massages.
5.I express my emotions freely.
6.I am emotionally vulnerable with my partner.
7.I express whatever emotions arrive as I’m making love no matter what they are about.
8.I feel things intensely.
9.I can turn myself on just by touching myself.
10.I let my partner know how I like to be touched.
11.I have a strong sex drive and enjoy making love for a long time.
12.When I make love, I can be equally active or receptive.
13.I give myself permission to have any sexual fantasies I desire.
14.If it feels good and doesn’t hurt anybody, I pursue it.
15.I live from my senses and don’t get stuck in my thoughts.
16.I honor my partner as an equal.
17.I fall in love.
18.I love myself.
19.I open my heart to my partner and pour out love when we make love.
20.When I make love with my partner, I receive all the love my partner has to give to me.
21.I pray.
22.I meditate.
23.When I make love with my partner, I don’t hold any part of myself back.
24.I invite God to be with me and my partner to bless and empower our lovemaking.

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