Are you Ready to Date?

>Many of us want to find a romantic partner that is compatible and has the qualities we are looking for and has some common interests and physical attraction. Yet, it is difficult to find the right person, Perhaps you keep on meeting the wrong type of person or are not coming in contact with the right type of people. Perhaps there are some issues that are preventing us from finding the right partner. How can we be sure?

Take this test to find out.

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Answer the questions below. Click on the radio button that most matches the answer to the quesion. There are no right or wrong answers.

1.Do you go to a party and check out every potential mate in the room and immediately size them up as to if they would be a good candidate for you?
2.Do you feel like you need to lie about your age on dating websites, because you look young and don’t want to discourage someone before they meet you?
3.Do you believe you have to go out of your way to show your best side so you can “catch” the right mate?
4.Do you wait to call or lie about your availability so you’ll be more attractive to a potential partner?
5.Do you fantasize night and day about a guy or girl who is in a relationship or lives out of town?
6.Do you want to have children, but keep picking partners who are aren’t interested in having children or who already have children and don’t want more?
7.Are you starting to wonder if there is anyone out there that fits what you are looking for?
8.Do you ever say, “yes”, or allow yourself to be intimate with someone when your heart and soul isn’t exactly jumping up and down with enthusiasm?
9.Are you disappointed on a regular basis because the events you go to don’t have available guys or girls that could be potential matches for you?
10.Are your dates more like interviews than two people having fun in the moment?
11.Are the majority of your friends married or the majority of people you “hang out” with not single?

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