Tantra Infusion – Basic Essentials for Juicier Living

$24.95 (as of January 5, 2017, 1:56 am)


This is a great DVD set for couples who want to a add a little bit of spice to their lives in this tasteful and gently sexy DVD series! Join Relationship and Intimacy Coaches, Barbara and Rassa, on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, with sumptuous foods in the kitchen, and finally, in the sacred space of the bedroom. This exploration is sure to stimulate your senses and awaken your passions. With simple tools and techniques, you will learn basic practices, which serve to bring more health, vitality, awareness, presence, intimacy and juiciness into all aspects of your life. Tantra Infusion, is designed for couples of all ages and at all stages of relationship. Gain a new perspective as you learn to support and empower each other, deepen your intimacy, and let the fire of your love burn brighter. No previous experience is necessary, only your desire to expand into a more fulfilling relationship with your partner, and a willingness to engage with yourself and each other in new and different ways. Have fun and enjoy as you learn how breath, movement, sound, and intent can enhance and enliven your relationship and your life.


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